rm - Convenience command

This command removes all entities of an entity type specified by the --type option.

ngsi rm [options]


Options Description
--host VALUE, -h VALUE broker or server host VALUE (required)
--service VALUE, -s VALUE FIWARE Service VALUE
--path VALUE, -p VALUE FIWARE ServicePath VALUE
--type VALUE, -t VALUE Entity Type (required)
--link VALUE, -L VALUE @context VALUE (LD)
--ngsiV1 NGSI v1 mode (default: false)
--skipForwarding skip forwarding to CPrs (v2) (default: false)
--run run command (default: false)
--help show help (default: true)


ngsi rm --host orion --type EvacuationSpace --run
ngsi rm --type Device,Event,Thing --run 
ngsi rm --type AEDFacilities --ngsiV1 --run