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What is NGSI Go?

The NGSI Go is a command-line interface supporting FIWARE Open APIs, which simplifies syntax. It's a powerful tool and easy to use. It has various features as shown:

  • Supported FIWARE Open APIs
  • Various convenience commands
    • NGSI commands to manage NGSI Entity, subscription, registration and so on
    • Time series commands to manage historical data
    • IoT Agent commands to manage IoT Agent Provision APIs
    • Rules commands to manage Context-Aware CEP
    • Convenience commands
      • Print version, health-check status and API lists of FIWARE GEs
      • Admin command for FIWARE Orion
      • Copy and remove entities at once
      • Create template of subscription or registration
      • Notification receiver
    • Management commands
      • Broker alias or server alias with API endpoint URL, FIWARE Service and FIWARE ServicePath
      • Manage @context
      • Integrated oauth token management
  • Compatible with a number of traditional UNIX commands for filtering text
  • A single binary program written in Golang



Command reference



  • admin: administrative command for FIWARE Orion
  • apis: print endpoints of FWARE Open APIs
  • cp: copy entities
  • wc: print number of entities, subscriptions or registrations
  • man: print URLs of the documents related to the NGSI Go
  • health: print health status of FIWARE GEs
  • ls: list entities
  • rm: remove entities
  • receiver: notification receiver
  • regproxy: registration proxy
  • template: create template of subscription or registration
  • version: print the version of Context Broker

  • append: append attributes

  • create: create entity(ies), subscription or registration
  • delete: delete entity(ies), attribute, subscription or registration
  • get: get entity(ies) or attribute(s)
  • list: list types, entities, subscriptions or registrations
  • replace: replace entities or attributes
  • update: update entities, attribute(s) or subscription
  • upsert: upsert entities

Time series

  • hdelete: delete historical data
  • hget: get historical data

Persisting context data

IoT Agent

  • services: services command for IoT Agent
  • devices: devices command for IoT Agent

Context-Aware CEP

  • rules: rules command for Perseo



Global Options


GitHub repository

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Licensed under the MIT License.